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Need accurate repair pricing to help with your real estate transaction? Upload your report right here to get an automatic $10 discount. Your information is kept confidential and they use current market prices to achieve an average of 98% accuracy when compared to true repair costs.

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  1. Upload the pdf of your inspection report (use the link in the email you got from us to download a PDF copy directly from your online report)
  2. Highlight the items you need pricing for. (When buying a home, remember it's not reasonable to ask the seller to make an existing home like new or to fix items that are older and are still functioning. Asking for too many things may cause the seller back out of the sale.)
  3. Use your customized report to help negotiate with your seller or your buyer. (Keep in mind that the Whole Property Estimate you'll see on your report will be to put the home in "like new" condition, and that you're not buying a brand new home.)

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