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A little about John,
       your home inspector

You get the benefit of a Certified, Insured Inspector (#Nachi17092306). For more than 30 years John has been in and all around the Construction and Real Estate Industries. If you’d like to see a list of all the different hats he’s worn, you can find it at the bottom of the page.

What does this mean for you?


In a word, perspective. Because he’s seen the industry through so many sets of eyes, not only does he know what to look for, he knows how to give you the real world knowledge you’ll need to make an informed decision.

Every house, no matter how new or well kept, has at least a few things that need to be fixed. While a list of the problems is probably what you’re looking for, knowing how to prioritize what should be done now and what can wait, is helpful when negotiating with a seller who isn't going to fix everything on your list. 

You'll also get clear pictures of everything you need to know about. Clients have said it's like going right along with John, deep into all the nooks and crannies of your new home. He'll also take the time to let you know how your new home compares to other similar homes. That way you'll know if you're actually getting a good deal, or if you might be able to find a better house for the same money. You'll know what needs attention right away, what's good about your new house, and even what might make it better than other similar homes so you'll get a complete and balanced overview.

Want to be sure you’re making the right decision?

Well so does John, so you'll get a full set of warranties that will get you comfortably moved in. And, while it doesn't happen often, what if the seller manages to disguise a problem so it's not visible during the inspection and you find out after moving in? You’ve even got the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back Guarantee”, which means that right up to 90 full days after closing, you can get your money back for the house. See the details here.

John’s collection of “Hats”:

  • Real Estate Sales was his first real job after waiting tables at a neighborhood restaurant. He was pretty young and looked even younger… but that’s another story. He discovered he really liked houses, but not so much selling them.
  • Basement and foundation waterproofing: This is where he discovered that just because a house is on a hill, it doesn’t mean the basement’s going to be dry.
  • Residential Real Estate Appraiser: Before the internet was even a thing, his boss told him he had to know what he was looking at. So he spent weekends working for a high-end contractor to learn the difference between true quality workmanship and what only looked like good quality, not to mention what really is behind those walls.
  • Commercial Real Estate Appraiser: From valuing mom & pop shops to mid-rise medical office buildings, and everything in between, meant he had to spend more than a few weekends learning what made commercial buildings so different from his own home.
  • Commercial Construction Consulting for building exteriors: Since 80% of problems come from water getting in places it didn’t belong, he actually had to learn to “think like water”. This might sound like John's a bit nitpicky, but it comes in really handy when looking for unexpected issues like bacterial growth and even mold.
  • Real Estate Investment and property management: Fixing stuff, hiring contractors to fix stuff, listening to his tenants, fixing more stuff, you name it.
  • General Construction: This one speaks for itself.
  • Home Inspection: John’s inspected more than 1,500 homes, which means crawling through a lot of dark attics and crawl spaces... a bright flashlight and a tolerance for crawling in the dirt is a must here.